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Coastfully Yours Wall Basket Decor Set is the perfect way to elevate your living space! Whether you are creating a statement wall in your living room or a serene boho nursery you will love the versatility this set gives you. Bring your love of nature indoors with this sustainable and eco friendly wall decor. It will arrive with minimal packaging in a reusable canvas drawstring bag making this item also gift-able and easy to store away for future use. Use your imagination and create the wall of your dreams with this 9 piece set that will quickly become the center piece and favorite setting in any room. Individual seagrass and rattan pieces range in size from 5 inches to the largest piece being approx 14.5 inches. These pieces are also easily held by 3m strips making it a great option for renters as well or anyone not wanting to create holes, but also simple to hang with nails or tacks should that be your preference.

Each piece has been Handmade by local Women artisans in Vietnam. You can expect each piece to vary slightly in color, size, and variety. No two pieces will be exactly the same.

*VERSATILITY- Ranging in sizes from 5 inches to 14.5 inches this basket wall hanging set allows you to arrange and rearrange to best fit your space. Use all 9 pieces together as a set or divide them up to create multiple arrangements and wall hangings. The individual pieces can also be layered on a table under a plant or piece of art. The possibilities are endless!

*CREATE A STATEMENT- We curated this all natural wall hanging from our love of Boho Coastal decor, Farmhouse decor and Minimalist decor. This statement set is simple yet versatile to fit any room or occasion. Whether you are decorating your nursery, living room, kitchen, bedroom, patio, homeschool room, garden, zen or yoga studio this piece will arrange into your space with ease.

*EASY TO HANG- These pieces are mostly light weight and easy to hang. We love to use 3M strips to hang this set but tacs or nails will also work as well. All pieces include a hook for hanging but easily allow you to use other places besides the wall.

*HANDMADE BY LOCAL ARTISANS- Each piece was carefully crafted and handmade out of natural plants such as seagrass, bamboo, and rattan in the heart of Vietnam by local Mama artisans. You can expect each piece to be a little unique and special. They will vary in color, size, and variety. No two pieces will be exactly the same.

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