About Us

Be Inspired Boutique first originated in 2013 after we had our first baby. I began a consignment page on Facebook to resell clothing. It grew and an amazing community of women began. It was a natural progression to move from resale to retail and since the community has grown, so has our family. We reside in beautiful Southern California with three little ones. My hope is that the community which is the foundation of this boutique remains and we can continue to share common ground as women who love online shopping, giving back, and inspiration.

Everything that you see here is a direct result of what our community has requested.  Our popular "Just Like Mommy" line began because you asked for it!  We are constantly growing and developing based on the needs and wants of our customers, and thrive on your feedback and input.  Always feel free to email me michelle@beinspiredboutique.com

Our Boutique took a major hit during Covid and we temporarily closed down. During this time we created our sister company and brand, "Coastfully Yours" Boho Coastal Designs for your home and nursery. This passion project has brought me a lot of joy and now I'm excited to merge the two. 

Giving back is an important part of our core beliefs therefore we donate the first 10% of all profits to worthy causes and charity. We have lots of wonderful giving back campaigns in the works and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Living in the heart of the Los Angeles California we strive to handpick the best quality designs and offer affordable pricing on the most trendy pieces. The designs exclusive to Be Inspired Boutique such as our famous "Just like Mommy" line are designed by us with our community in mind and are always made in the USA. Our Coastfully Yours designs are sustainably made all over the world and often times by stay at home moms who are paid a living wage. 

Excellent Customer Service is our top priority! Please always feel free to contact us via phone, email, website or Facebook. Welcome to our community! We hope to hear from you soon and we encourage your feedback.